Your Osteopathy Consultation //

The first appointment lasts about 45 minutes to allow Lisa adequate time to:


  • Listen and ask questions about your problem, your general health, other medical care you are receiving or medication you are taking, and record this in your case notes. The information you provide will be confidential.

  • Examine you properly. It is likely you will have to remove some of your clothing. Please let us know if you are uncomfortable about this. You will have privacy to undress and a gown or towel can be provided. You can ask a friend or relative to accompany you and be present throughout your treatment. Lisa will ask you to make simple movements and stretches to observe your posture and mobility. Because of the body’s structure, pain or stiffness you are experiencing in one part may be linked to a problem elsewhere.

  • Examine the health of the joints, tissues and ligaments using her hands and a highly developed sense of touch called palpation. She will also check for signs of serious conditions she cannot treat and may advise you to see your GP or go to hospital. She can provide you with a letter explaining what she believes to be the problem.

  • Lisa will give you a clear explanation of what she finds (her diagnosis) and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you. She will explain the benefits and any risks of the treatment she recommends. It is important to understand and agree what the treatment can achieve, and the likely number of sessions needed for a noticeable improvement in how you feel.






  • Osteopaths use a wide range of gentle hands on techniques. Treatment varies between patients depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis, but often focuses on releasing tension, stretching muscles and mobilising joints.

  • Before you receive treatment from Lisa you will jointly decide an appropriate and suitable treatment plan.

  • Lisa will explain what she is doing and will always ask your permission to treat you (known as consent). Ask questions at any time if you are unsure what you have been told or if you have any concerns.

  • Occasionally osteopathic techniques can result in an audible ‘click’, this is perfectly normal. Research evidence shows that these manipulations can have beneficial effects, especially in the back, helping you to return to normal activity.

  • Self-help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist your recovery, prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms.

Your Treatment //
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What to Expect //

FAQ //

How many treatments will I need?

It may require more than one visit before your problem is resolved. Lisa will review your progress at each visit and seek your consent to any changes to your treatment plan.

Are there any side-effects?

Because of the physical nature of the treatment, it is not unusual to sometimes feel sore in the first 24-48 hours after treatment. Lisa will explain any likely reactions that you could expect. If you have any concerns it is important to ask Lisa.